As a full-time student you may be able to get a discount or exemption on your council tax. A 25% discount will apply if all but one of the adult occupants of the property qualifies as a student for Council Tax purposes. If all of the adult occupants are students a 100% exemption will apply.

How do I access student discount for my Council Tax bill?

Do you rent/own a property and are eligible for paying council tax, then please read on

When you applied to Fife College you will have been asked if you were happy for us to share your information with Fife Council.  If you agreed to this then your name will appear on a report that Fife College send to Fife Council on a weekly basis detailing any enrolled students.  This allows Fife Council to flag that you are a student.

What you need to do next? 

Please visit Fife Council’s website using the link below and fill out the student council tax form.

Fife Direct Wesite

Once you have completed this form Fife Council will assess your household circumstances and any applicable discount will be added to your account.

If you know that you did not agree to Fife College sharing your information please still visit the following link​ and complete the student tax form as this will initiate the process of you being assessed for council tax discount.

If you are unsure whether you agreed to Fife College sharing your information you can contact the college on 0344 248 0115 or visit reception at your campus to check.​