Looking to start your learning journey in 2018?

Make it yours with Fife College!

We offer a wide range of courses across Fife. Whether you've just left school, you’re looking to kick start your career or even looking to take up a new hobby, you’ll find a course that’s right for you at Fife College.

Course starting in January 2018 include:

Access to Qualifications, Further Study and Higher Education 

NQ Start Here for Qualifications SCQF Level 4

Building Services

SVQ 3 Domestic Natural Gas Installation and Maintenance SCQF Level 6

Intermediate Certificate: Introduction to Plumbing​


NQ in Skills for Childcare SCQF Level 4

NQ in Early Education & Childcare SCQF Level 5

SVQ: Social Services (Children and Young People) SCQF Level 7

Community Based Adult Learning

Step In SCQF Level 3

Step Up SCQF Level 4

Princes Trust Employability & Personal Development SCQF Level 3-5


NC Computing and Digital Media SCQF Level 4

Culinary Arts

SVQ Professional Cookery SCQF Level 4

Digital Technologies

NC Creative Industries: Access to Computer Games, Web Development & Animation SCQF Level 5


SVQ in Pro-Engineering SCQF Level 4

Intermediate Certificate: Engineering (Pre-Access to SWAP Engineering) SCQF Level 5

NQ Engineering Pre Apprenticeship SCQF Level 5 (Rosyth)

NQ Engineering Pre Apprenticeship SCQF Level 5 (Levenmouth)


Certificate: Introduction to Fashion SCQF Level 4


Introduction to Barbering SCQF Level 4


Introduction to Nursing and Care Work SCQF Level 5

Professional Qualifications

HNC Sustainable Resource Management

HNC Contracting Management 

CMI Diploma in Management & Leadership

CMI Diploma in Strategic Management

CMI Management VQ Level 3  

CIPD Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management

CIPD Intermediate Certificate in Human Resource Management  

ISMM Level 2 Certificate in Sales & Marketing  

ISMM Level 3 Diploma in Sales & Marketing  

ISMM Level 6 Diploma in Sales & Marketing 


NC Introduction to Customer Service and Retail SCQF Level 4

Social and Community Care

HNC Social Services SCQF Level 7

NQ in Intermediate Counselling Skills SCQF Level 6


Social Sciences

Introduction to Social Sciences SCQF Level 5

HNC Social Sciences SCQF Level 7

Sport and Fitness

Army Preparation Course SCQF Level 4

Sports Link SCQF Level 4

Further courses may be added, so make sure to keep checking this page for updates!