Vision Statement

Our Vision is to Inspire and Empower.

Our Values

To realise our Vision we recognise the importance of our colleagues, customers, partners and communities with whom we share these Values.


Encouraging, recognising and celebrating success and excellence in all that we do.

Social Responsibility

Acting in the best interests of the College community financially, socially and sustainably.


Actively supporting enterprise, creativity and open-mindedness. In our staff through continuous professional development, shared practice and empowerment. In our students through curriculum design and targeted information, advice and support, ensuring we are responsive to the needs of our students throughout their journey.


Building and sustaining relationships with the diverse communities we serve providing a safe and welcoming place in which to learn and work.


Acting with honesty and fairness in our relationships with each other, students and partners making principled and transparent decisions which are mutually beneficial.

Trust and Mutual Respect 

Treating others with dignity and sensitivity to enable open communication and appreciation of other’s choices and opinions.

 Executive Team

Hugh Hall.jpg

Hugh Hall


Dorotee Leslie.jpg

Dorothée Leslie

Vice Principal: Academic Strategy


Tom Gorman

Vice Principal: Estates

Iain Hawker.jpg

Iain Hawker

Assistant Principal: Quality and Academic Partnerships

Kris Getchell.jpg

Kris Getchell

Assistant Principal: Digital

Susan Dunsmuir.jpg

Susan Dunsmuir

Assistant Principal: Finance and Commercialisation


Learning and Teaching Strategy

Fife College Learning and Teaching Strategy  (please note this will open in a new window)