The Adam Smith Enterprise and Education Foundation, also known as Adam Smith Foundation, is the charitable Adam Smith Foundation logo
trust of Fife College. 

The Foundation was established in 1997 to improve and extend opportunities for students and has disbursed over 800 scholarships and awarded over £380,000.

We are delighted, that as a result of the recent merger with Carnegie College, we are able to add further scholarships to our portfolio which will enhance the learning experience for students throughout Fife. 

Through partnership with businesses, charitable trusts and individual donors the Foundation has developed a Scholarship Programme which provides recognition, a financial award, and in some cases, work experience, internships and trips to support and encourage students to achieve their full potential.

Some scholarships have also resulted in apprenticeships and job opportunities for students which is great news. 

All funds received from donors are transferred directly to the successful students and no money is retained by the College/Foundation.

These awards make a huge difference to the students and are used to provide direct assistance to support their studies in what are challenging financial times. Over the years students have used the money for a range of equipment/materials such as laptops, hairdressing scissors, software and textbooks.