The qualifications offered at Adam Smith College are recognised throughout the world as high quality. The coursesForth Rail Bridge
taught at the College are very much aimed at assisting the student in their career aspirations, focussing on teaching and practicing the practical skills that employers want.

There are many colleges and universities to choose from so why choose Adam Smith?


Investing in Learning

Over the last 4 years we have spent over £20,000,000 on new facilities to ensure that our students have the best opportunity to access the latest equipment for learning.


Maximise Your Skills and Learning

You will be part of a small international student body so you have the maximum opportunity to improve your English language skills. The average class size is approximately 18 people so you will receive maximum quality time with our teaching staff.


Qualifications that Count

Your qualification will be highly relevant giving you the best practical skills to get a job.


Climate and Environment

Fife is a wonderful place to live and study. The climate is mild with clean, unpolluted air with year round good visibility and around 1400 hours of sunshine per year. There is a general misconception that the whole of Scotland experiences high rainfall. In fact, rainfall in Scotland varies widely, ranging from over 3,000 mm per year in the western Highlands to under 800 mm per year on the east coast which is comparable with the Midlands of England.


When to Enrol

The College term starts in August and finishes in June. Applications are welcomed throughout the year, with early submissions recommended in order to avoid disappointment.​



If you're looking for accommodation during term time our International Co-ordinator can help you find a place to live, ensuring you are settled to enjoy your time at College. For information contact or telephone: 01592 223831.

At present we have a number of properties to offer including rooms to rent in private homes or individual properties.