A perfect stepping stone from school or an ideal reintroduction to formal education before university​.

Studying an HNC, HND or both with Fife College is a fantastic way to progress your studies and enter Higher Education.

Fife College offers a wide range of HN courses in everything from Childcare to Engineering Systems. All of our HN courses have been designed to equip you with the specialist skills and knowledge you’ll need to improve your career prospects and/or take the step to university study. The best bit is that you can do it all in Fife.

HNs are ideal if you want to gain practical skills, knowledge and abilities. They allow you to gain hands-on experience in your chosen field and give you the option to then either build upon that in higher education or go into employment.

HNCs and HNDs offer a lot of flexibility. After each year of study, you will have gained a recognised and sought after qualification; an HNC, then an HND. This allows you the freedom to move into employment if the right opportunity comes up or to apply for degree courses with your HN qualification already in the bank – which also opens up the possibility of skipping a year or two at university.

College offers manageable chunks of study and also provides flexibility in the event that your circumstances change. 

Studying for an HNC or HND at Fife College allows you the opportunity to study locally which in turn helps to keep living, study and travel costs to a minimum. 


“The whole of the HNC Social Services course has been amazing. It’s challenging, but I’m enjoying every challenge. It’s allowing me to build my confidence within the course itself which is a massive thing for me. I look forward to coming in every morning and I think that’s important; that you’re doing something you want to do. I believe that you can be better if you enjoy it.

“I’ve applied for university for after I complete the HNC, which is something I never thought I’d be able to do. But, with the support of my amazing classmates and tutors, I really believed that I could do it.”

Studying an HNC is the equivalent of the first year of a degree at university, while an HND is the equivalent of the second year of a degree. Studying at the College allows you to complete your first two years of a degree without having to travel outside of Fife. With our range of franchise degrees, you can even complete your full degree in Fife. Franchise degrees allow you to study at BA/BSc level in the same environment and with the same staff as your HNs. See what franchise degrees are available at the College by clicking this link. 

“The College appealed as it was local and easier to get to than university would have been for me. It’s been a truly positive experience. ​“The franchise option for the BA Business Management degree is brilliant. It’s through Abertay, but having to go to the university itself every day for the next two years just wouldn’t be feasible for me. Being able to have access to the same level of learning but through the College is so much easier for me. It makes my life a lot easier with my wee one going to school. It lets me keep progressing in my education without the added stress of travel to and from the university.”

Studying at college can be the perfect bridge between school and university. It provides a similar level of study to university and allows you to experience smaller class groups and to develop independent study and research skills in a supportive setting.

​We work in partnership with top universities to maintain articulation routes for our HN students. These routes mean that you can progress directly into year 2 or year 3 of a degree course at uni with successful completion of an HNC or HND. Articulation gives you the benefits of studying locally for the first two years and then means that you keep moving forward with your education and don’t have to repeat learning.

“After I complete my HND Computing: Software Development, I’m planning to go to Edinburgh Napier and I would go straight into third year of a degree. That would be perfect for me as I live in Edinburgh.

“Doing the HND and going into third year of a degree is an advantage for me. I didn’t do too well in high school so the college route has brought me forward to the stage where I can go to third year at university. It means I’ll have completed a degree sooner than if I’d gone in at first year. “The HND has helped me to prepare for degree level study. The way the assignments are structured and working to deadlines is gearing me up for moving to university.​"

Which Universities are working with Fife College?

​​Fife College has articulation agreements in place with the following universities:

  • University of Aberdeen

  • Edinburgh Napier University

  • Heriot-Watt University

  • Glasgow Caledonian University

  • Queen Margaret University

  • University of Sunderland

  • The Open University

  • University of the West of Scotland

We’re also working towards agreements with:

  • Abertay University

  • University of Dundee

  • Robert Gordon University

  • University of Stirling

  • University of the Highlands and Islands

By working with these universities, we continue to develop further articulation opportunities to ensure our offering continues to be relevant to our students.

Fife College also works with The Open University (OU) in Scotland to create flexible opportunities for students who wish to progress from their Higher National study to a part-time degree. Find out more about our partnership with the OU.