Your degree, your journey

If you want to study for a degree, coming to college can be the ideal starting point. It allows you to enter at a level that you feel comfortable at and progress one step at a time, gaining recognised qualifications along the way. It can also help you develop independent study and research skills in a supportive environment that will equip you to progress to university when you are ready.

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Fife College offers defined articulation routes to degree programmes in partnership with a wide range of universities. By working in partnership with these universities, we make sure that the content of our courses and our delivery are relevant and make articulation possible.

Choosing the college route to a degree qualification means that by successfully completing your Higher National (HN) course (either HNC or HND), you receive a recognised qualification, with each year contributing towards your chosen degree - subject to appropriate passes in the graded units at HN level. This means there is no need to repeat a year or re-learn the same things – an important point to bear in mind when considering the funding available for Higher Education study.

Universities endorse the college route and readily welcome students with appropriate qualifications from college. Some of our agreements with universities even guarantee a number of our students a place on degree courses at university.

Studying for your HNC/D at college gives you more options than going straight to university. If a job opportunity comes along that is too good to pass up, you will have the qualifications to pursue it. College offers manageable chunks of study and also provides flexibility in the event that your circumstances change, giving you the opportunity to continue with your degree on a parttime basis if that is what you decide to do.

We also offer a range of franchise degrees. These degrees are delivered entirely at Fife College, in partnership with our partner universities. See our Franchise Degrees section for more information.

Fife College also works with The Open University (OU) in Scotland to create flexible opportunities for students who wish to progress from their Higher National study to a part-time degree. ​​

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