Staff email is provided by WebMail and is accessed via the following URL

What is WebMail?

WebMail enables you to check your Fife College email account from any Internet connection, whether within the College or at any external location (from home, an Internet Café, from another college and so on), through a browser (like Microsoft Internet Explorer).

You should be aware that you see the same emails via WebMail as you do via the standard method – WebMail is simply another window to the same email system.


One prerequisite for having an email account at Fife College is that you must be a staff member. Other users may have guest access but this should be arranged in a timely manner prior to you needing access. Other prerequisites are:

  • An Internet connection and web browser

  • A username and password – this is the same username/password combination you use to log into the computer network while you are in the College. Note that you must first log into a computer in College before you can access WebMail

    • Other users/guests – a username and password will be communicated to you for accessing WebMail

You can access your Webmail via links on the College website, or type the direct address ( into your browser's address bar.

At the Webmail logon screen, enter your full email address (for example and password (the same one you use in College). 

Which Option?

"This is a public or shared computer" or "This is a private computer"?

A public or shared computer is the default and our recommendation is to leave it there.

Should I use the "Use Outlook Web Access light" option?

If you are using a browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later, you can only use the Light client.

Troubleshooting problems with accessing staff WebMail

Here are some common problems and solutions:

  • Username or password not accepted ("The user name or password that you entered is not valid. Try entering it again.")

    • Check that caps lock is off and try again. Passwords are case sensitive

  • Your College network password has expired ("The user name or password that you entered is not valid. Try entering it again."). You will get warnings when you log in if your password is going to expire within the next couple of weeks

    • Reset your password when you log in to a College-networked computer

    • If you cannot get to a College-networked computer, you may try to convince the Human Resources department of your identity over the phone and they will arrange to reset your password