Applications for Foundation Apprenticeships are now open!


The Foundation Apprenticeship in Accounting will give you the chance to develop the skills and knowledge to enter a career in the Accounting, Finance and Business sectors.

Business Skills

Business Skills is about knowing what makes a company successful. That could be managing people, creating strategy, making sales, organising projects or understanding customers. It’s the core tasks that make businesses work.

Civil Engineering

The Foundation Apprenticeship is made up of NC Civil Engineering, selected SVQ Units and an Industry Challenge Project work placement, where candidates will gain invaluable work experience whilst undertaking a Vocational Qualification (VQ).

Creative and Digital Media

The Creative & Digital Media Foundation Apprenticeship offers an introduction to the wide range of skills and knowledge that align to many employment opportunities across the creative Industries sector.


What is engineering? The short answer is, everything around you. Engineers help create milk cartons, aeroplanes, wind turbines – even the device you’re using to read this page. They find new, better ways to solve problems.

Financial Services

Financial services is big business. From banking and insurance, to accountancy and credit unions, it’s about managing the money that keeps everything else ticking along.

Food and Drink Technologies

The Foundation Apprenticeship in Food and Drink Operations will give you the chance to develop the skills and knowledge to enter a career in the food and drink industry.

Hardware and System Support

This qualification will ensure young people gain the necessary skills for progression to further study in computing, in particular the Modern Apprenticeship. Completion of further study could potentially lead to a wide range of career opportunities.

Scientific Technologies (Lab Skills)

In S5 you will study an NPA in Scientific Technologies. In S6 you will complete units from an SVQ Level 2 Laboratory and Associated Technical Activities whilst in work placement for two afternoons per week.

Social Services and Healthcare

Work in this rewarding and vital sector means caring for vulnerable people. You’ll support people when they need it most, and help them live in comfort and dignity.

Social Services: Children and Young People

All children deserve the best possible start in life. You could have a job making sure they get that – and grow up to be happy and confident

Software Development

Software development is behind every app you use, every computer game you play. Databases, virtual reality, robotics – and much more. Plus, the ICT and digital technologies industry just keeps growing.

What are Foundation Apprenticeships?

  • Learn the skills you need for the future

  • Work on real, work-based projects

  • Open up your options after school

  • Make your UCAS or college application stand out from the crowd

Foundation Apprenticeships are new, work-based qualifications for secondary school pupils. They provide pupils starting S5 in August with the opportunity to develop their skills, experience and knowledge in a live business environment and gain an industry-recognised qualification set at SCQF Level 6 (the same level of learning as a Higher). 

Foundation Apprenticeships are open to S5 pupils at all high schools in Fife. Fife College works in partnership with Skills Development Scotland (SDS), Fife Council Education Services and local employers to support this new and innovative career pathway. 

Foundation Apprenticeships will be delivered at Fife College over two afternoons a week in specialist learning environments. In the second year of the course students will also gain hands-on experience with an employer to learn valuable employment skills and behaviours.

Upon successful completion of a Foundation Apprenticeship, a range of progression routes are available. A Foundation Apprenticeship can provide accelerated entry to a Modern Apprenticeship programme or to employment.  Further or Higher Education opportunities are also available in each subject area.

For more information on Foundation Apprenticeships and their relationship with Modern Apprenticeships and Graduate Apprenticeships, download this handy guide from The National Parent Forum of Scotland.

Foundation Apprenticeships in partnership with Fife Council

Fife College works in partnership with Fife Council to make sure that Fife benefits from a fantastic, full range of Foundation Apprenticeships.

Find out more about Foundation Apprenticeships by visiting Skills Development Scotland's website, or by reading these features, originally found in The Times and the Scottish Sun.

Case Study: Vasilii Hill, Madras College

Studying for a career in Civil Engineering 

“From a very young age I have had a great interest in mechanical engineering and never really knew that much about civil engineering. I was always keen to get involved when I saw my dad or granddad fixing cars and then I started working on and fixing up my bikes.

“When I started school, engineering was one the only subject that really appealed to me and then when I was in S5, Fife College came to speak to us about the Foundation Apprenticeship: Civil Engineering while still being at school. I was really drawn to the topics that would be covered throughout the course, especially as I wanted a better understanding of what civil engineering actually was, and the work placement that would be included in the course and also what it would be like to be at college and experience new surroundings.

“The course has been interesting so far. At the start we were able to go out and visit different sites and learn how to use different measuring and levelling equipment which we were then able to put into practice when it came to starting our work placements.

“The FA has enabled me to get a good insight into what life at college would be like and also what it would be like to work in the industry. Being on site lets you experience the challenges that a civil engineer may face on a day-to-day basis which was something I found very interesting.

“I would definitely recommend the course to anyone thinking about a career in engineering. The lecturers and standard of teaching have been brilliant and they have been very supportive since we started the course.”