If you are 18 years old on the start date of the course, you may be eligible for a Bursary.

Awards are subject to a financial assessment based on your personal circumstances. The assessment takes into consideration your income and that of your parent/guardian or partner where appropriate.

Self-Supporting Status
If you are 25 years old or over on the official start date of the course, you are exempt from parental contribution.

If you are not yet 25 years old, your parents'/guardians' income will not be taken into consideration and you will be awarded independently only if one of the following applies:

a) You have no living parents
b) You are officially estranged from your parents
c) You are caring for a child dependent on you
d) You have supported yourself financially for periods totalling a minimum of three full years before the start of the course and have earned more than £4,000 per year

Please note that periods where you have been in full time education cannot be taken into account towards self-supporting status.

The maximum you will receive is as follows:

At parental home Away from parental home Self-supporting
Parentally Supported 19-24 £78.17 £98.79 n/a
25 and over or Self-supporting   n/a   n/a £98.79​
Parentally Supported

Parent(s) Income
Weekly payment with no other dependent children Weekly payment with one other dependent children
Less than £24,275 £77.01 £77.01
£30,000 £60.40 £64.10
£35,000 £46.85 £55.00
£40,000 £33.30 £37.00
£45,000 £19.75 £23.45
£50,000 £6.17 £9.90
£55,000 Nil Nil
25 and over or Self-Supporting

Partner(s) Income Weekly Payment with no other dependent children Weekly Payment with one other dependent children
Less than £20643 £97.33  £97.33
£30000 £70.87 £74.59
£35000 £57.32 £61.03
£40000  £43.77 £47.48
£45000 £30.22 £33.93
£50000 £16.67   £20.38
£55000   £3.12 £6.83

Important Information

If your Funding Award application is successful;

  • You will not receive your first payment until after you have attended your first class. Make sure you budget accordingly for the first couple of weeks of term.

  • Bursary is paid fortnightly in arrears based on 100% attendance.

  • Bursary is paid during October, Christmas and Easter holidays but not over the summer holidays. Make yourself aware of what this means for you and budget accordingly.

  • Applications received after 6 weeks from the start of the course will not be backdated – payments will start from the date we receive full documentation


Please take time to fill your application form in carefully and return as soon as possible with all your supporting evidence. A handy 'How To' guide will be sent out with your application form and this will detail the evidence that you will need.

If you are unsure about the evidence that you need to provide, have any issues getting the evidence, have not received your form or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on 0344 248 0115 or by email on studentfunding@fife.ac.uk.