Hazel Smith                                                                                                   
NC Make-Up Artistry

"I worked for the College a few years ago – I was part of the Student Information team at the Halbeath Campus. After having my second son, I decided not to return to work but instead to do what I’d always wanted to: make-up.

"I heard about the new NC Make-Up Artistry course the College was offering at St Brycedale Campus, Kirkcaldy, and it was what I had always wanted to do. I decided to go for it and applied.

"I started out on the NC, but I’m hoping to go on to HND Make-Up Artistry next year. Make-up has always interested me. I’ve always loved horror movies - so the chance to do prosthetics as part of the course this year has been really great fun.

"While studying this year, I had the chance to work on an upcoming zombie film being filmed in Scotland. I first heard about it through an advert on Facebook looking for extras (as zombies) and fancied trying it. The casting call for extras was in Glasgow, so I went along and was lucky enough to be chosen.

"I thought it’d be a good opportunity to see make-up at work on the set, but during the “zombie bootcamp” period, I got chatting to a make-up artist and explained that I was studying make-up and offered to help in any way I could – washing brushes or whatever I could do to be involved. Luckily they were up for Amy, who is also in my class, and me helping with the zombie make-ups!

"We received a brief from the Make-Up Designer and had to create from there. We also had to do touch-ups on set and make sure that the actors stayed hydrated during the day and that the make-up didn’t dry out.

"We were asked back for the second day too, which was great. We had obviously done something right on day one!

"The experience definitely helped me with the course – I picked up loads of great advice and tips, and not just about make-up, but how to work on set.

"After college, my plan is to work full-time where I work just now – Pouts and Pinups salon in Kirkcaldy – and to just do as much make-up as possible. I’d love to get back on set after college. It was such great work experience, especially at the level I am at just now. The whole experience was invaluable really."

Lynne Mitchell, Lecturer in Make-Up Artistry at Fife College, was also pleased that Hazel gained this experience. She said: “Amy and Hazel showed great initiative to get on set and then to get the make-up opportunity. They did themselves and the College proud. I am very impressed with both of them.

“They both also received excellent feedback from their time on site, with the Make-Up Designer being very pleased with their contribution and work ethic.”

You can find out more about NC Make-Up Artistry, as well as the other excellent Make-Up Artistry courses offered at Fife College, by visiting the courses section of our website.

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