30, Leven

Step In and Step Up

“Before I started Step In, I’d spent three years doing nothing – just sitting at home, isolating myself because I had no confidence. I finally decided to take the plunge back into education 15 years after I left school. Applying for Step In was the best choice I had made in years.

“I completed Step In and now I’ve just finished Step Up, which is a lot more intense than Step In. It focused more on gaining qualifications but still gave me a good, laid back environment to learn in.

“As well as gaining a few new qualifications, including PC Passport, I’ve also gained all the confidence I had lost over the years. The combination of these two courses has been the perfect reintroduction to learning and also to a social environment.

“Now I can finally start moving forward and building a more positive and productive life for myself. I am hoping to become an undertaker and currently volunteer for charities sorting and organising their donations.

“I highly recommend both Step In and Step Up if you’re looking to build your self-confidence, gain social experiences and a few new qualifications.”

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