Have you ever been tagged in an embarrassing photo or received a comment or message online that has upset you? Our online behaviour matters. Let’s Show Respect Online campaign has been launched to raise awareness amongst students and staff about how our actions online can impact our lives.

Top tips for staying safe online

  1. Don’t post your personal information – never give out personal information such as details of where you live, phone number or email online.

  2. Think about what you post - Take a minute to think about what you are posting before you share anything. Your digital footprint stays with you so be careful what you share with others, would you be happy for a family member or future employer to read it?

  3. Check your privacy settings - Make sure you update your privacy setting to ensure you are only sharing your posts and pictures with your friends.  

  4. Know who you are adding – We all love to be popular but be careful who you add to your social media accounts. Only add people who you have met and are happy to share personal information with.

  5. Have a clear out – Update or delete any social media accounts that you no longer use. You can also delete any old posts or pictures that don’t paint a good picture of you (you can also un-tag yourself from pictures too!).

What is a digital footprint?

It’s important to remember that whatever you post online stays with you. Employers are now checking online profiles before recruiting so your posts matter - make sure that your online content is positive!

Are you having problems online?

If you are experiencing problems online we are here to help! Get in touch with the guidance team for help and advice.