Leigh Watson
18, Dunfermline
SVQ Level 2 Hairdressing

"This is the second course I’ve done at the college. I completed Level 1 Diploma in Vocational Studies (Hair & Beauty) last year.

"I always wanted to do hairdressing, but I did the Intro course just to make sure it was for me. The Level 2 course has been a step up from Level 1, it’s hard work but will be well worth it when I have the qualification.

"This year, we’ve been working on building our skills in things like styling and finishing, curling, cutting and colouring. It’s a rewarding course, and I’m really enjoying the challenge.

"After completing Level 2, I would really like to take the step of going on to study Level 3 Hairdressing and then after that, I’d like to work in a salon or in the industry somewhere.

"The opportunity to study both Level 1 and Level 2 locally has made all the difference to me. At the moment I take two buses to get into college, but if I had to travel any further I don’t think it would be possible for me.

"I would definitely recommend both of the courses I‘ve studied, but I’d also recommend the College itself. The lecturers are genuinely nice and are always encouraging us to be our best. It’s a really positive environment to learn in." 

You can find out more about Level 1 Diploma in Vocational Studies (Hair & Beauty) and Level 2 Hairdressing, as well as the other excellent Hairdressing courses offered at Fife College, by visiting the courses section of our website.

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