41, Dunfermline
NQ Start Here for Qualifications 

"I left school with no qualifications and wanted to start gaining them to help me start a career. I also always enjoyed Modern Studies at high school.

"Due to health reasons, I was unable to do the job I was doing. I knew I would have to do something different. I went to an advice centre in Dunfermline and they showed me what courses were available and what qualifications I would need to realise my career goals.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course; the Modern Studies and English elements have been great. I’ve struggled at points, but the tutors are so helpful - and so are the other students.

"I definitely think the course has helped me, and will continue too even as I progress. It has helped with my self-esteem and with my confidence. Before I started I didn't think I could do it but here I am!

"I’m now studying for my next step at Fife College and I’m still building on my confidence. I would highly recommend this course to both young and mature students. For the mature student especially, it's not something to be fearful of – in fact it’s the exact opposite, it's great fun and the tutors are fantastic and understanding. It also gives you the opportunity to meet people in the same boat as you.

"I have three children of my own, and I’ve loved watching them grow up – and I think I’ve done a good job! After I finish at college, I would love to work as a support worker or counsellor for young children who need some help."

You can find out more about NQ Start Here for Qualifications, as well as the other excellent Access to Qualifications, Further Study and Higher Education courses offered at Fife College, by visiting the courses section of our website.

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