57, Kirkcaldy

NQ Working in Tourism, Hospitality and Events / NQ Travel and Tourism 6 / HNC Travel and Tourism

“Coming to college was a complete change of pace for me. Before it, I was manager of a betting shop for 17 years.

“The first course I did at the College was NQ Working in Tourism, Hospitality and Events. It was a great course to start with because it let me sample the different aspects of travel, tourism, hospitality and events. During this course, I found travel and tourism the most interesting.

“Studying NQ Travel and Tourism and then HNC Travel and Tourism also allowed me to pursue my interest in working as a passenger service agent at the airport.

“I really enjoyed my time at Fife College. I found all of the courses I studied really interesting and especially enjoyed the visit to Edinburgh Airport as part of my ground operations unit, which allowed me to see behind the scenes of as an airport operator. This helped me to see how the things I was earning in class actually work in a real environment.

“My time at Fife College and the things that I learned definitely prepared me for a career in the industry. I’m now working with Canvas Holidays, and I know that I wouldn’t have got it without my time at college. Through the college, I attended an annual travel and tourism career conference where I had the chance to practice my interview skills and actually met the Canvas Holidays team there. I’m now based in France throughout the summer season as a campsite courier.

“I would not hesitate to recommend the course to other people in my situation. I would especially recommend studying at Fife College to people around my age. It goes to show that you are never too old for education!

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