Stephanie Ewan
20 from Kirkcaldy
NC Built Environment; HND Quantity Surveying

"I always knew I wanted to work in Construction. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to be involved in the industry. The NC Built Environment course offered a taster of different things. It allowed me to try a bit of everything and see what was right for me. There were some aspects that I really liked and others that definitely weren’t for me. It was after the NC course that I decided Quantity Surveying was what I wanted to do.

"The first year of the HND is more general for all Built Environment Technicians – architects, quantity surveyors etc. – and the second year is then tailored to each discipline, and this means that you get a good grounding before being able to specialise.

"It’s a great course and I’m really enjoying it, especially the Quantity Surveying Practice and Computer Aided Design (CAD). These are things that I now use all the time at work.

"I work as a Trainee Quantity Surveyor at Fife Council and attend college on a Day Release basis as I complete my HND. I think this is the ideal way to study, as my work and studies complement each other really well. On one hand, being on-site and seeing how things are done helps with my college work and learning the theory. And, on the other hand, learning so much at college helps me to better understand things I encounter at work, and I can apply the things I’m learning.

"I’m looking forward to completing my HND and moving on to study towards a degree and also to forging a career in Quantity Surveying."

You can find out more about NC Built Environment and HND Quantity Surveying, as well as the other excellent Built Environment courses offered at Fife College, by visiting the courses section of our website.

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