39, Dunfermline

C&G 2339-44 Multidisciplinary Engineering Technician

“I visited the ORE Catapult turbine, in Methil, as part of my course. It was such a great opportunity and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

“They shut down the turbine and took us up individually – and it’s a massive turbine (7MW) so it was really great to see.

“I loved everything on the course. I found it a real challenge, and I was always testing myself which I really enjoyed. I left school with basic maths, so to be able to study algebra and physics was fantastic and I found it all very rewarding.

“I’ve just completed the courses and I’m planning to come back to the College to study HNC Electrical Engineering. Being a little older than some students, I feel like the HNC would be a great addition to my skillset and help me climb a few rungs on the career ladder.

“Ultimately, I’m looking to work in the engineering sector – maybe as an electrical technician or at a sub-station. Ideally it would be a mainly practical position.

“The Multidisciplinary Engineering Technician Certificate is a great qualification to have; it’s really worthwhile and doesn’t necessarily limit you to working with wind turbines.

“It’s been the ideal course for me to get into the field and I’d recommend it to anyone else in a similar position to me, who’s been out of education for a while. I’ve never really stopped learning since I left school but this year at college has been great.

“I found the online application process nice and easy. You just find the right course, apply online and follow the steps.”

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