Veera Laitinen
27, Edinburgh
Diploma in Physical Theatre Practice  

"I have performed from a young age through various school and community productions in Finland, and I studied drama at degree level before embarking on the Diploma in Physical Theatre Practice at Fife College. I found my interest in physical theatre during the second year of my university studies and this became my speciality through my studies.

"After finishing my degree, I wanted to explore physical theatre in more depth and gain more experience in the practical side of it. A couple years ago I was handed a leaflet about the Diploma course and this sparked my initial interest. So, towards end of my degree when I wanted to find more opportunities to explore more practical opportunities, I remembered the course. I met some previous students from the course, and they gave me an idea what it involved and was like. The practical aspects and the possibility to study in Edinburgh were key elements in my decision to apply.

"For me, the best thing about the course was to be physically making and learning theatre. After four years of university studies, practical studio works was a much appreciated change.

"The opportunity to meet theatre professionals and work with them was the experience of a lifetime. The arts are a lot about networking and making these types of important connections, so this was important to understand who the companies out there right now are.

"The Diploma has given me more tools for theatre making and some invaluable new connections. The exploration of various theatre styles has helped to broaden my skillset and I will be able to apply these new materials to future work. I also have more confidence now having completed the Diploma.

"After finishing the Diploma, I have moved straight to Liverpool to join a theatre company. I’m now working with Hope Street Ltd. here for around six months as part their Emerging Artist Programme, in which I was given a role as performer. So far we have been very busy with a couple of shows and it all looks promising – my theatre making continues!

"I would recommend this course to anyone who needs practical experience in performance skills and is interested in contemporary and physical theatre disciplines, including puppetry, mask and site-specific theatre. The diploma is a good introduction to these styles but also encourages you to reach outside the studio space and look for opportunities alongside the training to compliment the learning experience. Also, the Diploma would suit someone with less academic interests as there is not much written work needed; the work is manageable and there is help available throughout if needed.

"In the future, I hope to complete my new programme with new connections and will look to find companies and artist to collaborate with. There are so many possibilities going forward: creating my own work, facilitating workshops, travelling to find inspiration from other cultures, and perhaps later on more study. But for now I’m just enjoying what I’m doing, I’ll plan later"

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