At college, you have more independence than at school. There is a greater emphasis on you to take charge of your own learning, helping you to develop the essential skills you will need for learning, life and work.

Everything at college tends to be on a larger scale than at school; there are more tutors/lecturers and support staff, more students, larger buildings and more facilities and resources but the benefit of being in college is that all this still takes place in a supportive environment.

College can also act as the perfect bridge between school and further study at university as you develop more advanced independent learning and research skills, helping you to take more responsibility for your learning than at school.

Adam-S-Hairdressing_MG_0262b.jpgCourses at college are designed with employment in mind. Working in partnership with employers and industry specialists, we ensure you get the skills you need to help you go from college straight into work.

Coming to college will help you develop the social and personal skills that will benefit you in many situations in the future, whether that’s a job interview, making a presentation or speaking confidently at meetings. This is the type of thing that employers look for.

Student life is full of excitement and variety. Coming to college is a fantastic time to meet new people and get involved in the clubs and societies available.

Extra-curricular activities are not only great fun; they also help you to develop as an individual and could even give you the edge when applying for jobs or further education.