​Step 1

Arrive in plenty of time for your exam. Not only does this mean you have plenty of time to find where you should be, but you will also have time to relax before going in. You will always feel more nervous if you are late or almost late for the exam starting. Giving yourself enough of a time cushion before it will help you feel better and remain focused.

Step 2

You should know what you can take with you into each exam. Before you leave for the exam, make sure you have everything you need. Use the handy exam checklist in this pack to help with this. If

you know you have everything you will feel more prepared and at ease.

Step 3

If you do steps 1 and 2 above, you can be confident that you are prepared and have everything you need, including enough time. You may still feel like you’ve forgotten something, but this will just be nerves and is totally natural. Just take a few deep breaths and have a drink of water.

Step 4

Make sure you go to the toilet before the exam, leaving enough time to get in and settled before the exam starts. Exams can be quite long and you don’t want to waste any time when you’re in it.

Step 5

Once inside the exam and comfortable in your seat, the first thing to do is to read the exam instructions carefully. Make sure you know how many questions you need to answer and if you have any questions, ask a member of staff.

Step 6

Read through all of the questions first. Take your time and make sure you understand what each question is asking and what is needed to answer them. A quick plan of how long it will take to answer each question could help you make best use of your time.

Step 7

If possible, start with the questions you feel most comfortable with as this will help you to relax. If you are struggling to answer a question, don’t panic! Move on to the next question and come back to it later.

Step 8

Make sure you answer the questions that the exam is asking, not the questions you were expecting or hoping for.

Step 9

Be sure to leave space between your answers so that if you want to go back and add to one, you have the space to do so.

Step 10

Make sure you leave yourself time at the end of the exam to check over your answers. Use every minute of the exam to your advantage. You’ve been given a certain amount of time – use it! And make sure you are happy with all of your answers before leaving.