“I have been interested in cooking from a really young age, due to my grandmother cooking with me. This only grew when I used to cook as a hobby for friends and family during high school. 

I chose to study with Fife College as I found the reasonable class hours would fit in with my family and work life. I also found Fife College to be a good fit as it was in a close distance and travel wouldn’t be an issue. The wide range courses they provide and additional help and support offered were also a positive when making my choice.

“I have very much enjoyed all of my time at the College. Although it was tough, I enjoyed it as I feel I was pushed to further my skills and knowledge. I enjoyed the graded unit and found it an exciting and challenging experience 

“I truly believe HNC: Professional Cookery is the course that has fully prepared me for university. Due to the level of work on the course, I feel I will be able to cope with the work at university. Not only this, but I have gained confidence in myself, and have learned leadership and time management skills – I can put these skills into practice during my time at uni and future career

“After my HNC, I am planning on furthering my education and progressing onto university to study food nutrition and health, as this is the course I need to take to be able to achieve my end goal of a career in hospitality teaching. 

“If someone wants to do teaching in hospitality, open their own business, or become a head chef I would fully recommend the HNC at Fife College. I feel it offers a wide selection of knowledge and skills that will also be used in such job roles. I found the supervisory and finance classes on the course to be very interesting and useful due to many jobs looking for employees to have such skills.

My ambitions for the future are to be working in a secondary school teaching hospitality. I want to pass on knowledge to younger generations and have them be as enthusiastic about food and the overall hospitality industry as I am.”

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