“I think that because I came straight from school, and I was used to doing schoolwork and studying for my Highers, I’ve found the workload of the course more manageable. The study is a lot more independent than at school, though, which hit me a bit; I maybe wasn’t prepared for that.

“I didn’t think the graded unit would be enjoyable but it really was. It was probably my favourite part of the course because I got to really focus in on one topic for it, rather than the range of topics needed for the essays throughout the course. “I think that it’s good that two days a week on the course are spent on placement. It provides a fantastic balance between theory and practice. I don’t think I’d have got as much from it if I was just doing theory without having the opportunity to put it into practice.

“After completing HNC: Childhood Practice, I’m going to Aberdeen for university to study primary teaching. I think coming to college before university was a really good idea. In hindsight, I don’t think I’d have been ready for uni if I’d gone this year. Socially I would have been fine, but study-wise I would have struggled without the experience of this year at college. Even from the first essays I did this year to now, there is a big difference in my writing, so I’m really glad I came to college first as a stepping stone to the degree.”

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