“When I first started at the College, I was hoping to be able to make a career in architecture, so I enrolled on National Certificate: Built Environment.

“Before starting the course, I worked as a nursery nurse for five years. But architecture and design were always something I was interested in and wanted to pursue as a career.

“So, I decided to come to college. I thought I’d be the only older student in a class of 16 and 17 year olds, to be honest! But that isn’t the case at all. There’s a good mix of ages and backgrounds, especially as you move up to HN level.

“Unfortunately, Built Environment wasn’t really the right course for me – especially the maths side of it! It was probably too technical for me. I was looking for more design work.

“So, I spoke to my tutors and they recommended that I switch over to National Certificate: Architecture and Interior Design.

“I’m really glad that they helped me to make the switch. This course is far more suited to me and I’ve been doing really well this year.

“Next year, I have an unconditional place on HNC: 3D Interior Design. I’m really looking forward to taking that next step. I think the scary part was taking the first step to come to college. Now I’m just really enjoying studying.

“When I was working as a nursery nurse, all of my studying was done on the job or in my spare time, so I haven’t been in full-time education since high school. I think it’s great to be able to focus your time and energy on your coursework.

“I’d love, once I’ve finished my studies, to go into a career in shop/merchandise design and interiors.”

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