“I am currently doing HNC: Travel and Tourism at Fife College after completing the Advanced Certificate: Travel and Tourism course last year.

“I have always liked travelling and I stumbled upon the Advanced Certificate course when I was looking through the College’s website. The course content looked really interesting and sounded like something I would love to do so I applied and I was lucky enough to be accepted.

“I really enjoyed the modules we did throughout the Advanced Certificate, particularly the cabin crew module. One of the exams involved pretending be a member of cabin crew and actually going through the procedures that they will need to follow each day. This was really good as it gave us a good glimpse into what life as cabin crew is really like and also helped some of us realise that this is a potential career path that we can go down once the course is complete.

“The modules in the HNC are very similar to the ones we undertook during the Advanced Certificate but much more detailed and challenging. We really are expected to give much more in-depth answers and get through a lot more work than the previous year. This has meant that the whole class has been expected to improve our timekeeping and ensure we are all really organised; but it really is a good course and it prepares you well for a career in the industry.

“The travel and tourism courses are made up of a lot of practical modules which involves going to lots of different tourism destinations and actually reading up on them and being able to talk confidently about them.

 “Coming to College has really helped me improve my confidence which was something I had huge problems with in the past. I can actually now stand in front of the class and talk and do presentations, which is something I never thought I would be able to do.

“My next step for when I finish the HNC is to go to university and get my degree, I like the look of the courses offered by Edinburgh Napier University but I’m trying to keep my options open. I would then like to work in the industry over in Corfu because I speak the language and I have family over there.“

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