My name is Christina Tweedie, I am 23 years old and I study HND Fashion Design Production with Retail.

My interest in fashion came from my own hobby. I was cosplaying, and I wanted to learn how to make the costumes. So, I entered this course and that is where I blossomed and where my shift changed towards fashion. I learnt a few things about the fashion industry and how it is the second biggest pollutant, and from this I wanted to make a change within the fashion industry on how we can make it more sustainable.

My favourite part of the course was the creativity side of it. 

I was into drawing when I was younger, and I implemented those skills into this course. When you study fashion at Fife College, you get the motivation to be creative.

The course has helped me prepare for a career. I know from experience you need the skills for a career like fashion. I feel like this course helped me understand what to expect in the career and retail industry.

I would recommend this course to anyone in my situation as it gives you the opportunity to be creative.

Next year after I complete this course, I will be going to Glasgow Caledonian University, and I will be studying fashion design with business there as I believe that is where my skills lie.