My name is Connor, I am 24 and study NC Architecture with Interior Design. My interest in Architecture started with graphic communication in High School and when I went to leave high school, they didn’t have any courses at that time so I went to college and done something different and then came back when they did. I find the course good overall, starting out it was difficult adjusting at home over online.

My favourite part is the technical drawings and getting them set up. I believe the course helped me prepare for a career and further study. The tutors always tell us the routes we can take through it and what it leads to.

The tutors at fife college are really good. They’ve had to adjust to everything from home this year as well and they have been doing a good job of helping us and keeping us on track and showing us what we need to do.I would recommend this course to other people in the same situation as me. It’s good and helpful for what it is.

My ambitions are to hopefully go into university and follow that through until I can eventually get a job within an architectural firm.