My name is Darren Hamilton, I am 25 years old and I am studying HND 3D Computer Animation. 

As I was living in Fife at the time, it seemed the obvious choice to study at Fife College. The course has been great over the 2 years. There is a lot of work to be done on your own to meet the deadlines but each class teaches vital information to help progress the quality of our work and also various software to make your work professional. The course is intensive but worth the effort as you will see the progression over the years if you put the work in. The lecturers give plenty of feedback and are always around for questions and guidance.

The course has taught me valuable skills like how to work to deadlines. Before college if I didn’t make something in a day it was scrapped. Now I take time developing ideas into a fully rendered 3D model or scene. 

I'm so happy because I have been given a conditional offer for university for my choice of course and can go straight into third year.

I would highly recommend the course to others but they need to be ready to put in the work and make their education the main focus for the time spent at college.

I would love to get a job in the industry to gain experience and knowledge, and maybe one day be able to work from home making awesome 3D art. No matter what, if I am able to make something in 3D that I think is cool, I am happy.