My name is Dean, I am 23 and have studied Level 5 computing, Level 6 computing and am now currently studying HNC Digital Design and Development. 

After doing an apprenticeship and deciding that it was not suitable for me. Computing was recommended as a good trade to get into. I then started studying level 5 computing and that was what brought on my interest in computers. Further down the line I decided to study Digital Design and Development due to my passion for gaming and now keen interest in computing.

My first course was recommended to me by a family member from there it was a case of working my way up to where I am now. This course was offered to me after the original course I was meant to be on was cancelled I chose this specific course because it offered a lot of the same skills such as web development programming and graphic design.

This course has helped me prepare for my HND level course but has also given me insight that will help with my potential future career. I am currently still on the course and will proceed to HND afterwards.

The course is greatly beneficial to anyone wanting a career in the computing or gaming industry. My future ambition is to have a profitable career in the computing industry in areas like web development programming or 3D level design.