My name is Duncan, I am 62 years old and currently studying HNC Cyber Security. I have a background in networking and this course was seen as a natural extension to broaden my knowledge. Similar courses that are offered at universities were only being offered on a postgraduate basis for which there was no funding available. So, I was researching courses I could use for professional development and to reinforce my existing knowledge and skills. I’m finding the course is really relevant to the subject areas I have an interest in. My favourite parts are networking, ethical hacking, digital forensics and Python programming.

Preparing for further study at this level gives an overall basic grounding but I believe employers will be looking for HND minimum plus relevant experience. I'm still currently studying the course and also working part time at Fife College as a Trainer/Assessor in Digital Technologies.

I would recommend the course for those who wish to learn something new or expand their knowledge in a related area.  I would like to expand my knowledge further in this field and pass that knowledge and experience on to others in a lecturing capacity or start my own technical training company.

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