"My name is Eilidh smith, I am 22 years old and originally from Australia. Since leaving Fife College I now work at the Ivy, Edinburgh. I came across from Australia when I was 18 years old after deciding I want to go to college in Europe, I applied for Fife College and come over with two days to spare, I applied for NC hospitality. Then I went on to do my NC professional cookery then my hnc in professional cookery

I’ve recently been to Stuttgart Germany for the culinary arts Olympics I did the Brakes Competition last may before I left college. Me and my classmate Terri won the completion which gave us the opportunity to join the culinary team. I am now working at the Ivy in Edinburgh and I plan to transfer down to London then move onto Paris and do some French patisserie.

My advice would be don’t hold back, it’s the sort of career where you are number one. If you want opportunities you need to chase it."