My name's Elaine and I’ve been studying HND Jewellery.

I came to Fife college five years ago, initially to have an art and design background. I started off with a Level 6 course in art and design and then I did two years of graphic design and visual communications and got my HNC in that subject.

And then I took the opportunity to go over to the jewellery department and did two years of jewellery. I've been accepted at Edinburgh College of Art, so I'm going on to do a degree in illustration, which is initially the subject that I wanted to explore. So now I can go in there with a background of all different subjects and knowledge and hopefully put that to the test.

I'd highly recommend anybody to come along to Fife College if you feel you want a career change, if you just want to explore something that you've wanted to do all your life, which is something I wanted to do when I left school.  I didn't follow the art path then. But at this age the timing was right and Fife College has been able to accommodate that for me and has given me that stepping stone to go on to have the confidence to follow a degree path at my age.

So, for anybody who wants to go for it, I would say, just go for it!