My name is Euan. I go to St Columba’s, and I am 17.

My name is Cameron. I go to Dunfermline High School, and I am also 17.

Our Foundation Apprenticeships in Engineering involved looking at the basics of engineering, as in materials and working on the machines. We come down Monday and Wednesday at 2pm as we get picked up in our taxis. The course duration is two years, and on Mondays we work on units within the course in a classroom setting. Wednesdays we are in the workshop.


After this course, I’d like to go into the construction industry or engineering.


I enjoy learning new skills and applying what I learn in the workshop. I would like to progress into a Modern Apprenticeship in engineering.

We both recommend this course. You meet new people from different schools, learn new skills and it pushes you out of your comfort zone.