“This is my first course at college. I came straight from high school. I applied for university but didn’t meet the conditions I needed to get in. This year has been a real benefit to me before going on to university, though.

“Science has always been an area of interest for me, especially biology and chemistry, ever since I was about 7, I’d say. I studied both all the way through high school.

“When I missed out on the degree course at Heriot-Watt University, they recommended I come to the College and do the HNC before applying again. I applied again this year and received a conditional offer for the same degree, but with entry directly to Year 2 on completion of the HNC. I also received an unconditional offer for a similar course at another university, so coming to college to study has already proved beneficial for me!

“I love the HNC course, and I’m enjoying it all. It’s a great mix of all three sciences, I would say. The first block focused on biochemistry, the second on chemistry and the third on physics. I feel I’m getting a good range of all the sciences.

“I also love the fact that the College is so local. My class has been amazing, too. I’ve found studying here really enjoyable. Everyone, not just on my course, has been so welcoming and friendly.

“The facilities at the College are good. The libraries aren’t just a physical space; they have an extensive online library, too, which really helped me through my graded unit.

“My next step will be university, and with two offers on the table I have a big decision ahead. Either way I’ll study chemistry and food chemistry.

“After I’ve completed my studies and got my degree, I would like to go off and work in a lab, either food chemistry or drug discovery. I’d like to get into the industry and work my way up to build my skills and networks.

“I’d definitely recommend Fife College highly to anyone. The lecturers are amazing and although the courses are more independent than school, you still get loads of support from lecturers and your classmates. Especially for people from in and around Fife, to have this resource so local is great.

“College is such a good stepping stone before university. I thought last year that I was ready for uni but since coming to college I’ve realised that I wasn’t quite there. I feel more ready now; for the coursework but also to move away. I’ve also now got an extra qualification, which no one is going to complain about!”

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