My name is Hannah Trickett, and I currently study SWAP Arts and Humanities at Dunfermline Campus Fife College. The course is for people who have not been in education for a while and they are looking to get into or maybe changing careers. One of the reasons why I come to study SWAP at Fife College is the convenience of the location. The course that I wanted to study was local to me and made sense to achieve my studies locally. 

I have enjoyed getting back into learning the most. There are many elements that make this course what it is so there are many opportunities to discover what you like best. I enjoy the different challenges that the course gives you; it contains Child Development, Sociology, Maths, Communication and more. My plans for the future are to become a social worker, so I applied for SWAP and got into the course. I needed two A’s and B and got into Stirling University so am now doing my BA (Hons) starting in September, hopefully in the next four years, I will be a qualified social worker.