My name is Hazel and I am in my early 50s.  I come from Arran but now live in Lundin Links.  I studied Business Management and IT at College.  I’ve been a trained Touch and Audio Typist/Secretary for many years but due to circumstances, I was working for Asda for nearly 8 years and wanted to get back into office work. I found out quite quickly that experience without a qualification is not wanted these days, so I took a big deep breath and applied to college with the intention of gaining my HND and getting a better job. 

The first year HNC at Kirkcaldy campus was like waking up memories for me.  It refreshed and updated the skills I had learnt at High School some years ago.  The HND has been harder to do - it’s more theory with a lot of assessments, but at the same time working on Teams has been good and working within a tutorial group has been a great support if things get too overwhelming.  The lecturers are all great and there to help you if you put the work in.

I was very lucky to land a part-time job as a Medical Receptionist just prior to the first Covid lockdown and having this job as well as studying has been hard, but it’s been great to be able to put what I’ve learned into practice so quickly.  I have now been offered a full-time position at the GP Practice, so I have accepted that, and I start full time as soon as this college term has ended.

I was apprehensive joining college at first as I knew I would probably be one of the older students.  But I fact I have made firm friends with some in my own age bracket and also with some who are just out of school.  Being at Fife College has been a great experience and one I would recommend to anyone.  I was so lucky and got to attend St Brycedale Campus in Kirkcaldy.  I will be forever grateful for the help and support from all my lecturers.