My name is Isla Brown and I studied Advanced Certificate: Football Studies which helped me gain entry into my HNC and HND in further sport related courses.

My interest in football started from a very young age and I have always taken an interest in the sport. To have the opportunity to take football to the next level was perfect for my skills and to learn more about the industry.

On the course, we trained every day to allow us to practise and get better at playing. We also learned different communication techniques; for example, if we were ever playing on the field that would help our professionalism in how we speak to one another. It was interesting seeing football from a referee’s point of view and also respecting that role in the game too. We also studied strength and conditioning with other colleges where we learned from them and vice versa.

Since completing the course, I moved to America to the East Coast of Florida which is close to Orlando and the beach, and it’s so much fun! I play football every day Monday to Friday as well as studying over there also. It’s a great opportunity to have an insight into how footballers live their lifestyle and how important it is to look after yourself and have a work-life balance.

I recommend coming to Fife’s a local college that is easy to get to. Everyone I've been talking with has been so helpful and always wants to push you to be the best you can be. My tutor, James, still to this day asks how I am getting on. It is a great community to be a part of and I would recommend anyone to join.