My name is Jake, and I studied Pathway to HNC/D and Degree which helped me gain higher Maths, English and Psychology. After passing the full course at Fife College I was able to progress to the University of St Andrews.

Originally, I started at St Andrews with a general degree in the arts. I took Anthropology as a subject I had no idea about, mainly because in the first year first semester there was no exam. I fell in love with the subject there and then. So, I continued with Anthropology. My undergrad dissertation was on the myths of Fife and I ended up with a 2:2 MA in Social Anthropology. My interest in Anthropology mainly came from, weirdly, my anxiety. It's a look into people and why they do the things that they do, so it allowed me to appreciate people more so than I did before.


Fife College was there as my extra step towards university. I didn't have enough highers, and I thought I would probably just end up in a job that I hated. Luckily, Fife College gave me the opportunity to improve myself. I became much more social, and did a lot of growing up in that one year at Fife College. I loved the whole course at Fife College. The fact that I was in a class similar to one that I had at school, but it was filled with people of all ages who just wanted to learn. There weren't disruptions, the class sizes were great and I actually made some amazing friends thanks to that course.


My time at Fife College allowed me to do some major growing up. It taught me more about self reliance in terms of study. As well as my ability to lean on my peers for support. I went from a young carer to a fully fleshed out person, so of course it helped me prepare for both life beyond study and life within academia.

After I finished up at Fife College, I spent four years at the University of St Andrews getting my MA in Social Anthropology. Right now, I am currently studying at the University of Edinburgh, I am trying to get my Masters of research in Scottish Ethnology. I want to be wrapped up in the world of academia. I want to inspire the next generation of thinkers and doers. But, most of all, I want to give the next me the chance that the University of St Andrews and Fife College gave me.