I was inspired to take part in the SCP course (Higher Childcare and Development) the minute my school announced that the course would be running. I have always had an interest in working with children and the prospect of in depth learning behind the psychology of children developing from babies to adults sounded very interesting to me. Learning about childcare in all its forms - nurseries, childminders, Health Visitors - was another aspect of the course that sparked my interest as I would have the opportunity to increase my knowledge into a career field I was hugely interested in. My school had never offered a class like it so I was very excited to learn about something new. 


For me, what made my Fife College experience so great was my tutor, Fiona. We had a small class and she kept every one of us engrossed in the lessons. She was lovely and cheery, and made the lessons personal with her adding stories from her own experience. This made us closer to her as we could understand her passion and love for her subject, but also helped us understand the information better. Another part of attending the course was the fact that it was twice a week for two and a half hours. As this was quite a long time to sit down and listen for, Fiona understood that it was important to do something practical in the lessons too - sit in a circle and sing nursery rhymes, do arts and crafts, and discuss as much as possible to make sure we all stayed focused. The idea behind these activities was to learn about the importance of games that children play in nursery and how it brings various aspects of SPECL together. It was also fun and got us all laughing. Due to us all having a fun time together whilst in class, we created a sense of community, as we were all interested in learning about the same thing. 


I strongly believe that the course provided me with an excellent foundation layer to my future studies of Child Nursing. Not only did the course provide me with important knowledge that will give me a heads start to my learning at university, but gave me a chance to grow in confidence and my passion for working with children and young people. My class and I were lucky to get the chance to visit a nurture centre as part of our course, where we put theory to practise. I wrote about this visit and other aspects of the course that I feel I really benefited from in my personal statement. 


I highly encourage others to take part in SCP courses as they are easy to attend through school and an excellent opportunity to learn about something new. My school offered a limited range of subjects and Childcare and Development was a completely new subject, so everyone should definitely give SCP courses a shot. My tutor provided a modern approach to teaching, which made the class so much more enjoyable than my other classes. The course was definitely the highlight of my week and I thank Fife College for giving me the opportunity to take part.