I'm Kirsten Paterson.

I currently work at Littlebugs Nursery, and I have been studying through Fife College since I left school 13 years ago. I did my NC and my HNC and became a Qualified Practitioner. Then I left Fife College and did a big stint working as a Practitioner. I recently returned to Fife College to do my HND and now I’m in the middle of doing my BA: Childhood Practice degree, which is a joint course between Fife College and Queen Margaret University.

Throughout my journey with Fife College, I have thoroughly enjoyed studying different aspects of childcare, for example the social justice unit. I really enjoyed looking into the different research methods and finding out further information about where a lot of today's practices and policies come from. I'm looking forward to going into my second year and looking further into the different roles that literacy and numeracy can play in early education.

Currently I work in a fully outdoor nursery, which, as of two years ago, I never thought would have happened. But I've thoroughly enjoyed working there while studying, and have been fully supported in the fact that my workplace is a little bit different to everybody else's.

The lecturers have been very inclusive and taken my opinions and views on board, which has been fantastic. I hope to finish my degree, and hopefully carry on climbing up the ladder. I would love to look more into further education and see how far I can take it.