My name is Kriss Moore. I am 30 years old and I studied Biology and Chemistry, having a firm passion for science.

After school, I began working in customer service, sales and retail. Putting my dream of working in science on the back burner, for what I expected to be a few years, quickly became over a decade.

Fast forward to 2019 and having moved back to Fife from Glasgow to care for family, I found myself (like many) unable to find steady work. So with a push from a friend and an ambition to be a lab technician, I applied two weeks late to the NC Applied Science course, beginning a path I’d started 15 years previously.

The NC led on to the HNC, which was more challenging due to lockdown, but my tutors did everything they could to make things easier to work through.

Then I managed to secure a place as a Modern Apprenticeship, as a lab technician! So before I had even finished the HNC I was able to demonstrate the skills necessary for the role I was aiming to achieve, converting my HNC into a Modern Apprenticeship program and a two-year contract with a microbiology start-up. This wouldn’t have been possible without support from tutors, head of departments and peers, so Fife College in a nutshell really.

My ambition for the future is to learn everything I can while in this very lucky position and take the knowledge gained to overachieve my expectations of what’s possible. I’d also recommend this course but most particularly its faculty to anyone, regardless of age or past experience, who wants to start their own journey in science.