“I moved to Scotland from Slovakia just over 5 years ago. When I arrived, my English was very poor –  I couldn’t speak it properly and didn’t know the structure of the language, and my vocabulary was small.

“I only knew a few basic phrases like ‘hi, how are you?’ and ‘can I go to the toilet?’ and that was it – as soon as someone asked me a question I was stuck!

“I wanted to improve my English as I was finding it hard to find a job because my English was so poor. My friends recommended that I study at Fife College, so that’s what I did.

“Studying ESOL at the College, from Beginner level right through to Higher, allowed me to improve my grammar structure, develop my vocab, and increase my confidence.

“The staff also helped me to find a job, prepare for interviews and write my CV.

“Since completing my course, I’ve gone on to study to be an English teacher. I’m studying a bridging course just now before going on to study a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Adults) course which will allow me to teach English in Scotland and anywhere else in the world.”

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