I'm Lewis Harrower. I am 30 years old, and I studied Media Production at Fife College in Glenrothes. 

The course, when I started here was media production / broadcast production, where it was split into three parts where there was a little bit of filming, a little bit of photography, and a little bit of radio. When I initially came here, I was coming to do the video side of things as that was where my interest was, I enjoyed video editing, but when I started doing the radio side of the course, that's what I fell in love with and ended up wanting to do more of. 

Once that had finished, I went on to do the radio specific course and what I actually loved about that is they had the student radio station. At that time it wasn't called Boom Radio. We were the year that came up with that name and started that station. 

But I really enjoyed doing fun radio shows with my friends coming in every week, putting together a plan of what to talk about, what music to play, little features that you would do on radio, some games, things like that.  

Then part of the course as well was producing radio documentaries as part of the module. You would have to go out, interview people, build a narrative about what you wanted to talk about, do voiceovers, things like that. And that's what I ended up really, really liking to do. And eventually, once the course finished here, I went on to the University of Sunderland and studied radio there.  

Since completing my studies at Fife College and University, I had this idea last year and convinced the company I work for to go part time and to pursue my own documentary production business in radio because I really like what I was doing in my work, it wasn't radio based. I really wanted to get back to that because that's what I really love. So, I decided to create my own thing where it's called Time Capsule Productions, and I'm creating personalised audio documentaries for people where I go to their house, interview them, talk about their life story about them growing up and things like that. And then I'll take that away, edit it into a professional style documentary with sounds and music and put it all together. And they get to keep that and pass it on to future generations or family and friends. 

My experience at Fife College was great. I met some of my closest friends here. I had a great time using the radio studios. The lecturers were all friendly and wonderful, and I have some really good memories from my time at Fife College. I would highly recommend the radio and media production courses here at Fife College. They do a lot to help you learn the skills and show you what you need to know and guide you into the right areas where you want to go.