My name is Lorna McCarroll and I studied HNC Administration and Information Management upon leaving school. Re-sat HNC as the framework was out of date from previous study and couldn’t progress onto HND without this. Then I progressed onto HNC Administration and Information Management, HND Administration and Information Management and BA Business Management.


I have always had an interest in the subject through High School, really liked my teacher who was supportive and encouraged me. I had a conditional place for University to do a joint Business and Music degree when I left school but when it came down to it I decided that Uni wasn’t for me. My parents supported this decision but wouldn’t let me do nothing and told me I either got a job or went to college.


I came to study at Fife College when I left school. I attended an open weekend and started College on the Monday. When I then was an employee of Fife College (Adam Smith at that particular time) I originally went to enquire about doing HND but as there had been some time lapse between leaving school and the framework had been updated, I pretty much had to resit the whole HNC.


Studying part time fitted in with my lifestyle, I didn’t have to reduce my hours at work to study, I knew the curriculum staff (who are a fab team may I add) and it allowed me to add to my qualifications and have a good work/study/life balance.


An opportunity for promotion arose and it required an HND, I was successful in my application and I was working towards the qualification. However the organisation preferred that I completed the qualification a year before I was due to completed it which fell in line with my prospects. This meant doing extra units to meet this timeframe which I managed to with the invaluable support of the curriculum staff as well.


Once I finished the HND I told myself there was no way I was moving onto the degree but I did! It almost made sense as it would not go ‘out of date’ as the HNC did and although it was another two years of study it was effectively only one more year overall from my original plan. I convinced myself that I would enroll for the Degree and I am glad that I did. The only difference was instead of it being on a Saturday morning it was one/two nights a week. Again I had no travelling and didn’t have to reduce my working hours to gain further qualifications.


Some elements of the course were harder than others, more so when it was group work as we didn’t have time in-between classes like full time students where we could get together and work on assessments. Luckily I made great friendships with a few people and we stuck together through the degree and pulled each other up when we needed it to get us through as we all did at some point. There is no denying that it was difficult at times and I had to juggle deadlines and life around including a few late nights to make the deadlines but I managed in the end and graduated in September 2019 (which also happened to be my mums 60th Birthday so it was extra special).


The content of the course doesn’t fit specifically to my current job role but there are certain aspects which I have been able to adapt to my role which if I hadn’t done the course I wouldn’t have been able to do as wouldn’t have gained these transferrable skills that could be used in any future job role.


I would like to look at people management courses and have a few options available but I decided to take a few years out of studying but the skills I have learned gives me a platform to further study as well. Since completing the course, I am still working full time in the position that I was promoted to.


I would recommend this course as it is ideal for those in employment and do not need to or want to decrease their hours at work.


I am happy in my current position and I feel like I still have lots to contribute in my current role. We are currently building a new system which I have a vetted interest in and I am inputting to using knowledge gained from my studies and I am really excited to see the end product. I have not ruled out further courses of study to enhance my own prospects as I am a great believer in life long learning.