My name is Mirryn, I studied HNC Events, then HND in Events Management at Fife College.

I decided to go to Fife College because I wasn't ready to lock myself into four years of a university course because I wasn't too sure what I wanted to do. So by going to Fife College, I could achieve a grade every year, and then progress if I wanted to progress. And if not, I could start over, and I hadn't lost too much time.

I enjoyed meeting people from all over Fife. I think when you're at school you're very much cluster-focused on people who are in your immediate area. But going to college, it gives you the chance to find people who are interested in things that you're interested in from completely different places. And there's so many courses running all the time.

Now I am the Events and Engagement Assistant at Fife College. I work in the Internal Communications team and we plan college events such as graduations. We do internal award ceremonies, and we send out a lot of the communications to the staff and students. We can help other departments with their events.

So my future plans include a bit more studying. I've just applied to one of the pathways offered by Fife College to study Business with Marketing at Edinburgh Napier University.

I would recommend other people to come to Fife College to study Events. I think the lecturers are keen on what they do, and they want to help you as a person, and you get to know them a lot more than you would if you'd gone to university, and you get a lot more support there and there's a lot of places to go.

There are pathways that you can follow into higher education or jobs that you can go to immediately and then gain experience and work up that way.