My name is Neil Muirhead. I’m 46 and I live in Dunfermline,  

Before coming to Fife College I spent 26 years working in bars and restaurants. My son was born 8 years ago, and at the age of 3 he was diagnosed with autism. It was at that point that I decided I wanted to go for a career change to do something more proactive to help people with disabilities.  

That’s why I came to Fife College to start my studies. I was unsure which route to go down, but I had great lecturers who helped advise me. I started studying my HNC and then HND and that lead me to my current course which is BA: Learning Difficulties/Disabilities.  

I chose Fife College because it was convenient, being so close to home and because of its excellent reputation. 

My favourite part of the course, apart from the knowledge you gain, is meeting people and making new friends.  

The best thing about studying at Fife College is the way they lay out the courses. They bring you in nice and gently and the whole thing is as enjoyable as possible for learners. 

Alongside studying, I am working in a residential childcare facility in Fife which is a challenging but very rewarding job. My lecturers found me the job as a placement. 

I would recommend the college to anyone who is thinking about further study because there is a wide range of courses to choose from.