“I started with the College studying HNC: Social Services and I then did HND: Additional Support Needs: Managing and Supporting the Services before coming on to BA Learning Difficulties/Disabilities.

“My interest in care started after I was involved in an industrial accident, which left me disabled. I found inequalities in the care system after that and I wanted to do something about it so I decided to come to college.

“It wasn’t my intention to work up to the degree when I first started. I was really only planning to do the HNC then move on to employment, but I did well on the HNC and my lecturer recommended that I progress to HND, and since then I’ve went in to every year thinking I’ll see how I get on then decide about further progression and every year I’ve ended up taking the next step in my education.

“I really enjoyed the degree course. I really liked the lecturers that we had; they were really knowledgeable and supportive. I worked with the College while I studied, too, as an Inclusion Assistant within Support for Learning, so I was really familiar with the building.

“Now I’ve completed my degree, I’m still working as an Inclusion Assistant with the College. Working as an Inclusion Assistant is something I really enjoy. I love the kids I work with and I really enjoy the mix in the work we do. I started this work during my HNC year. As part of that course, students need a placement and I was placed within the College and the lecturer said I was really good in the role and put me forward for it permanently, and I was offered the position just after that.

“I enjoyed the entire degree course; especially the research element of it. For my research project, I was able to tie in with my work with the College and look at how we support individuals with autistic spectrum conditions. I also enjoyed the psychology part of the course. It’s been very well rounded.

“Being able to study for the degree at the College has been very much of benefit for me, being from Kirkcaldy. For my Honours year I’ll be going to Dundee and, having worked in Dundee before, I know how much travelling back and forth takes out of you.

“Having the chance to study the BA here locally has been brilliant – especially for me as I’m literally ten minutes up the road from the campus. Being so close and not having the time spent travelling definitely helps the other parts of your life a lot.”

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