“My interest in Sport Coaching came from having a background and involvement in sports and coaching at high school. I wanted to pursue my interest further and do a course at Fife College”

I did my HND in ‘Coaching and Development Sport’ and found the course really worthwhile. It gave me a lot of transferable skills. I thought the most useful aspect of the course was ‘Project and Event Management’ and ‘Managing Volunteers’ as I feel I can apply this in the industry I’m working in now.

It really does help for working in the industry. You learn a lot of really valuable skills that you don’t really pick up on at University. It’s a really hands on course, so it’s a good addition to your CV as well.

Since completing the course, I went into third year at Abertay University and did my degree in ‘Sports Development and Coaching’. Following that, I got a job with Active Schools in Fife as a Project Officer for girls and young women.

I would highly recommend College as a starting point before University. It really helps to build your knowledge, especially if you haven’t done anything in that area before, and helps you prepare for going to Uni.

My ambitions for the future are to hopefully continue working for Active Schools, which will hopefully lead into full time employment.

My favourite aspect of my job is having the opportunity to manage a project and taking full responsibility for it. It also really helps to build the experience you need to get further in the industry. Working with others that have experience, and learning from them, is also a great aspect of the job as well.

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