“This is the third year that I’ve done at Fife College. Before coming on to Certificate: Access to Further Education, I did Future Pathway: Personal and Vocational Skills for two years. I liked Future Pathway; there were a lot of fun activities involved.

“I‘m enjoying the Certificate, too, it’s an excellent course. All of the subjects that are included have been great fun. So far, we’ve done digital media, drama and cooking. I don’t have a favourite part – yet!

“Once I finish this course, I’m going on to Intermediate Certificate: Acting and Theatre Performance next year. I did drama all through high school and really enjoyed it and I also enjoyed doing it this year. I think that doing the Access to Further Education and Future Pathways courses first is helping to get me ready for the step to Intermediate Certificate level.

“My ambition, once I’ve finished college, is to be a movie star!”

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