My name is Sarah and I study SWAP Access to Health and Life Sciences at Fife College. I commute to Dunfermline to both work and study which is convenient for my overall work-life balance.

The reason I decided to study this course is because I had spent quite some time away from education, and I wanted to go back to university. This course was able to bridge that gap for me as I progressed from National 5 level onto Higher. The nature of the course included units for Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths and Statistics and IT – all of which I thoroughly enjoyed studying.

The thing that has benefited me most about this course is gaining the confidence I needed to progress onto university. As a mature student I felt unsure about going to university with students who had just left high school as it has been some time since I was last in school! Therefore, this course was a great way to refresh my memory of the units I had previously learned.

I would highly recommend Fife College and this course. The lecturers have been excellent in preparing me in my personal and academic development. They were able to provide everything there is to know about my progression to university. Those that study this course go on to do many different things. Whether it’s to study further or work in a related career. For myself, it opened a door to further study at West of Scotland University. I always knew what I wanted to do, and my lecturers helped me to get there.

Friends and colleagues have been asking me what I have been studying on the course as they wish to progress in their studies and pursue their dream career. They are aware of the support I have been getting and want to be part of it also.